Dan Somogyi – Thokozile Collective

Dan Somogyi – Thokozile Collective

Born in Northampton, England, of Hungarian ancestry, Dan Somogyi studied for a doctorate in Cold War History at Oxford University before deciding music was much more interesting.

Since 1999, he’s been championing the cause of jazz and world music, first at Jazzeast, now at SoundStorm, the award-winning music development agency based in Bournemouth in the South West. Somogyi set up SoundStorm with the late, great jazz drummer Steve Harris in 2002. In 2012, Dan also took Wave Arts Education Agency under his wing.

Dan sits on a number of UK music advisory committees and co-wrote the Jazz Services/Arts Council published “Guide for Music Promoters”. He has programmed various music festivals, concert series and a world and modern jazz series. Since 2010, he has programmed for Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts, the largest multi-arts centre in the UK outside London. Dan is also a musician himself, playing for the acclaimed African/world jazz fusion band, Thokozile.

SoundStorm’s education projects have gained a reputation for innovation and quality, and the combination of education and promotion work makes the organisation unique in the UK. SoundStorm in 2012 became leader of one of the Arts Council of England’s new Music Education Hubs.

Dan Somogyi – Thokozile Collective will be performing at Jazz by the Sea Festival’s World Jazz Jamboree at Lighthouse Poole. Tickets are available from the Box Office or Online.

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