Revolution Club – Bournemouth Jazz Week

Revolution Club – Bournemouth Jazz Week

Full bar, Food and drinks promos available on the night.

Using electronic, beats, samples and sounds and combining these with a live band set up Rev club take Jazz out of the traditional and into the electric genre.

Rev club are 4 seasoned musicians with a sumptuous range of musical experience. One of the bands in the forefront of the Nu Jazz or Jazztronica sound. Unlike many of the Jazz bands in the South Rev club only play their own music. Don’t come to us for your Jazz standards, come to see something new, sexy and exciting.

Dave Carson and Dave Thomas start in the studio, improvising, looping and creating a solid backing track. Then get Penny in to improvise vocals and melody, Chris comes in and adds a layer of sax and Mike joins us for the gigs on drums to give it an extra live punch.

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Rev Club opened for the Bournemouth Jazz festival this year, created their promo tune, play Canvas and have a residency on the Poole Jazz cruises.

Rev club are:

Dave Carson: Main Track Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Dave Thomas: Producer, Composer, Keyboards
Penny Humphries: Vocals, Composer
Chris Croft: Sax, Composer
Mike Nicholls: Drums, Composer

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